The icountLCM20 is a proven answer to fluid system contamination monitoring offering a 2-minute test procedure.
Multi-standard ISO and NAS cleanliness reporting, data entry, data graphing and integral printing are all standard on this world proven contamination monitor. 


- 2- minute test procedure 

- Multi standard ISO, NAS en AS4059 cleanliness reporting

- Data entry, data graphing and integral printer

- 420 bar rated maximum pressure

- Supported by the offline USB and online SPS accessoiries

- Medium: minerale olie


Rental excl. 21% VAT

- Particle counter  € 100,00 p/day

- Transport (optional) € 42,00 + € 1,10 p/km


 Delivery condities

  1. -Excluding insurance

  2. -Unit will be tested before delivery and tested at return

- We expect that the unit will be reasonable clean at return and without any damage.
  If necessary repair costs will be added

Payment conditions
-Invoice: weekly
-Payments: 30 days after invoice

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