PMR Hydraulics aims for a perfect quality of our piping systems, to achieve a perfect quality we are constant investing in new machines and tools.

Our workshop has the newest and modern equipment to bend the pipes to our standards. We prefer to use a non-weld piping system made by Parker. By using the Parker non-weld system we deliver the highest quality as possible, which reduces downtime. Off course a welded pipe system is also possible.

Below some possibilities;

- Parker EO2 form

- Parker Flare F37

- Parker Retaining

- Walterscheid Walform plus

- Cuttingring type

- Buttweld

After receiving the production pipe sketches from our engineering department or our customer, we produce the pipes according to the isometric pipe sketches. Our Transfluid mandrel bending machine has a maximum capacity off 76,1MM and all diameters are bended with a 2,5xD radius. Of course our expertise and possibilities do not stop at 76,1MM. With our partners we can bend up to and including 276,1MM.

Cleaning and conservation

After fabrication the pipes are cleaned by means off a contamination eliminator (CE-system) and blinded with steel or plastic plugs for transport. This is a standard procedure. The outside can be painted in a paint system at customers choice.

Inspection and testing

PMR Hydraulics can provide the following tests and inspections on the hydraulics pipe systems:

Flushing off the pipe systems after installing on location according to NAS/ISO standards. With our Parker CM20 particle counter we can give a real-time proof off the cleanness off the oil, after flushing we can take an oil sample.

- Pressure testing off the pipe system up to 700 Bar.

- Non-destructive test for welds by a third party.

- Destructive test for welds by a third party.

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